Essen Spiel 2015

Essen Spiel 2015

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Este año GDM Games tendrá stand en Essen Spiele 2015, una de las ferias de juegos más grandes del mundo.

Estaremos presentado nuestras novedades independientes del idioma y la primera edición en inglés de Guerra de Mitos.

Como novedad presentaremos en primicia Shinobi Assasins, un juego donde los jugadores deben asesinarse unos a otros. de Josep M Allué y Siscu Bellido.

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Nos vemos en el stand 7-J101

Os dejamos los links de BGG y algunos datos sobre los juegos, estan todos disponibles para pre-order en


This year GDM Games will have stand in Essen Spiele 2015, one of the world’s biggest boardgame fairs.

We will be presenting our  independant language’s new releases and the english first edition of  Myths at war.

As an Essen exclusive we will present Shinobi Assasins, a game where players must be murder the other players.

Hope to see you in booth 7-J101


All of them can be pre-ordered by writing to


1) Myths at war /(English edition) / Price 40€ / English / Free promo deck avaiable

2) Shinobi Assasin /(Essen pre-release) /Price 10€ / German,English, French, Spanish

3) Bloody Nights /Price 20€ / German,English, French, Spanish

4 Wake up Cthulhu /Price 25€ /German,English, French, Spanish

5) SCAPE / Price 10€ (Last units)/ English, French, Spanish

6) Boarding / Price 15€ / English,Spanish

Wake up Cthulhu 300% backed and 23 day to go!


Wake up, Cthulhu! is a quite mischievous card-driven board game for 2-4 players based on Lovecraft’s universe. In that universe, a group of cultists knows that their dread lord Cthulhu is awakening so they have to compete with each other to be his right hand and avoid being eaten with the rest of the humanity.

END DATE: 04-10-2015

We need your support to awake Cthulhu!

Game’s rules have been already settled and we are now finishing their illustrations and graphic design. If money makes it possible, we will go toward to improve the game materials and bring new variants thereof (as the option to play solo or new exclusive cards for the backers of the project).

– 2-4 Players.
– 30 minutes.
– +10 years.