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Wake up Cthulhu 300% backed and 23 day to go!

  Wake up, Cthulhu! is a quite mischievous card-driven board game for 2-4 players based on Lovecraft’s universe. In that universe, a group of cultists knows that their dread lord Cthulhu is awakening so they…

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Cannes 2015

DEL 27 DE FEBRERO AL 1 DE MARZO  GDM Games estará presente en el Festival internacional de juegos de Cannes presentando los diseños finales SCAPE y Wake Up Cthulhu. SCAPE    SCAPE es un juegos de…

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GDM Games is born due to the need of many Spanish authors of a publisher that helps them with the edition and worldwide distribution for his projects. Besides our own projects (Myths at War, Crowdfunding,…